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How to tell my autoresponder the state of referal

Hi all

Is it possible to tell my autoresponder (at time mailchimp) the status of my leads?


I want to set up an automation which is triggered on adding a new lead. So far nothing special.

But my autoresponder doesn´t know if and when the lead reaches its first reward. In worst case, I continue to send emails how to achieve the first reward even if he already collected all points. 

In this case, I want to stop the workflow and start the next workflow with emails about the next reward.

Is there a way to do that? (maybe with another autoresponder?)



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Hi Christian,

Carl here from Wilco's support team. We will check on this matter for you and we will provide you with feedback the soonest.

Appreciate our patience. Thanks!

All the best,


Hi Carl,

are there any suggestions for the issue?


Agreed that this is a needed feature of UpViral. I use ActiveCampaign and it would be nice to automatically update a contacts tag as they reach different reward levels. Most important would be to update the tag once someone has completed the highest level. That way I can take them out of the current promotion and start offering them something else. 

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hi, we're using Woopra analytics that track our customers and basically, it can unsubscribe or subscribe people to lists based on their behavior (visit url)... Create a thank you page, reward goes there, woopra moves cust from automation A to B in mailchimp :)

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