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Everwebinar integration


are there plans to integrate upviral with everwebinar. We would really appreciate, if the integration of these two tools could be more streamlined, for now (please correct me, if I'm wrong) it seems either one or the other. 

Best wishes, 


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Very anxious to have an answer to this topic.

Integration with WebinarJAM just work perfectly, but when it comes to EverWebinar it´s not working

What's not working with EverWebinar, exactly? It can already be selected when you go to Settings > Add Autoresponder, see

Wilco, thanks for replying.

The api conection between Upviral and Everwebinar does work, but there´s a bigger issue because how Everwebinar works.

When working with evergreen events, you usually allows your audience to schedule between several days and times.

Those options should be appearing on a Upviral leadpage, and the only way to do so is allowing Everwebinar javascript code whichs pops up a modal with the options.

So far Upviral does not allow such js code.


Your team explained me how to make java script work within the page, so that´s step was solved. Then I realized that, once my audience is registering through the EverWebinar modal registration, neither any lead would be storage on Upviral database, nor the thank you page could be from Upviral, because EverWebinar only allows thank you pages of their own.

So, I think for now we are not able to use both tools the way I pictured.



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