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Pausing lead and social share pages instead of deleting them in a/b tests

As I make tweaks to lead page and social share page, after I decide which ones I want to keep using, I would like to be able to mark the other ones as "paused" or "inactive" so I can keep them around.

Right now, if I have 3 variations of a lead page, and I no longer want to use one of them, I have to delete that one so the a/b testing only has the 2 I want to keep testing.

After going through a lot of incremental tweaks (text, image, layout) it is hard to keep track of the small changes.  Especially if you go back into a campaign after a few days, not constantly.

Right now, I have to take a lot of manual screenshots, or clone Campaigns to dummy duplicates to keep them around for reference.

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This capability would be great on all assets (e-mails, landing pages, shares and also social appearance)

I see this is now available for the landing pages! Many thanks for listening to your community. Looking forward to it on the other sections as well. Cheers! Steve

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