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add share widget to a form that is linked to payment site

Hi Guys,

I hope someone can help me out: I would like to use the share widget with unique invite link also when someone buys something on my site. I use wordpress, with a gravity form that then links to a payment site. How can I manage that I can motivate a buyer to promote our offer for extra discount for example. 



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Moin Naima, in my hallucinations buyers benefits from a discount if they can use it themselves and asap. I would apreaciate a discount if I could use it on a membership site or to get a higer level of service. If I already bought your product, once and for all (like for a lifetime) I'd appreciate a big (50%) discount for a friend or a exclusive session with you or one of your staff members. Best regards, Stefan
Hi Stefan, Thanks but the question is more about how i can make sure that anyone who gets in touch or buy something will receive the share widget in order to get gifts, points or whatever.
Moin Niama, you could place the share widget on your thank-you-page after checkout/welcome or add it to one of e-mail followup emails?!

thats what I hoped to do but Upviral says that the share widget only works if someone put their emailadres into an upviral opt in page

Maybe you could use one of the lead creating pages hostes by UpViral and inject the share widget there, while using this page as your thank-you-page.

Then the person has to leave their emailadres again in the thank you page you mean? But how do they get to that leadpage that I would use as a thank you page? Cause it can't be on the same page where they sign up for a paid program. I really think there is a solution for this cause i can't imagen that no one uses this to motivate buyers to let others know about the service or product that they bought in order to receive an extra.

No, they don't have to reenter their emai ( if I remembered correctly) and I've seen one-click-links for this purpose with parameter for a email-adresse. Now I get an idea what they are for.
The one click is to send to a whole emaillist. I just got an answer that it is not possible. I am now gonna try to creat a leadpage with fields where they can sign up for the program and then get a pay link in the conformation email. Hope that at least that works
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