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Sweepstake: Require minimum referrals before additional entries kicks in?

I would like to set-up a minimum number of referrals before a member gets their additional entries into a sweepstake. Is this possible?

It is very similar to the rewards set up.

i.e. By registering, they get 1 entry into the sweepstake. If they get 5 people to register, they get 10 additional entries for each referral (for all 5 and anyone else thereafter).

Hey Steve, I'm not sure this would be legal in the USA - but would have to ask a sweepstakes lawyer about it of course. I think in the USA everyone who enters must have an equal chance at winning and there can't be any requirements to "purchase" something -- which I would kind of think that restricting people from being eligible until they had a certain number of points would be similar.

You might be right on the legals Mitch (although I am based in the UK). However, my use case was only for the ADDITIONAL entries - of course they get their first entry for signing up.

However - its not a biggie for me.

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