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Open API Access

I've been reading through the feature requests submitted by the diverse number of marketers using Upviral. It's clear that there are too many edge cases for your team to implement into the software.

I suggest opening up your API so your users can build their own integrations and special use edge cases. This will make the software more useful to more users and likely increase your sales.

I'm sure you already know many other highly successful SAAS systems have open APIs including other contesting systems. 

I'm not sure what it would take on the technical side for you to do this but I think it would increase your existing user base and make it more sticky so you would have less user churn.

Hope this is something in the works.

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Something that I really need is API ACCESS

Yep, I also agree. We need Open API Integration.

Absolutely. Would love to add "Like on Youtube" or "Follow on Soundcloud" "Share on Spotify" etc. 

I need this asap!

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