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possibility to 'interlink' campaigns

Imagine you have i.e. 2 products. Product 1, a low cost product and Product 2 an upsell.

Then you create 2 UpViral campaigns, Campaign 1 and campaign 2. Both campaigns have their own follow up emails, notification emails, etc. 

You have two landing  (opt-in) pages as well. So far these are two completely separated campaign.

But the ENTRY point for both campaigns is landing page 1, because that's the low cost product campaign.

When someone gets product 1, it will have 2 benefits:
- People are serious and willing to get your products and invest a little bit of money. These are perfect prospects for an upsell.

- You make a little money to cover ad costs.

Having two campaign is perfect for an upsell scenario. However, ALL traffic from campaign 1 AND campaign 2 should be sent to the campaign 1 landing page. This is the funnel entry for everyone.

The problem:
When person A in campaign 2 shares campaign 1 and person B follows the share and opts in to campaign 1, person A does not get the reward points.

This has to do that person B enters campaign 1, while person A shared it from campaign 2.

When you can link these campaigns in a way that someone who shares gets the rewards, no matter what other campaign he shares, the goal is achieved and you can link as many upsells as you wish, making the complete structure massively more powerful.

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