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Assign a lead as a "test lead"

It would be great to assign 1 lead (your own e-mail address of course) as a "Test Lead". This would mean that while tweaking a campaign and testing it (including landing page views, share page views, social media share link testing, opening e-mails etc etc) all actions can be ignored by the stats?

Not sure how easy this would be, but in the early stages of a campaign especially it would be really useful.

I'm not sure I would want that actually... when testing, I also want to make sure my stats are working.

When I do testing before launching, 
I make sure everything is working and then I go in and "RESET STATS" on the stats page so that in effect wipes out all my testing.

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Hi Mitch

Thanks for your consideration. I clearly don't have your experience and so perhaps in time I will get to that point - that all my testing happened prior to a campaign going live.

However, I can see when you want to "tweak" things, add new landing and share pages etc during the early stages and A/B testing, that you may still need to test? After all, you have won new leads during this period but want to improve your stats. I don't think I'd want to clear them out whilst tweaking a live campaign.

To cover your point - I was think that this would just be a "switch" on a lead - so you could throw it on or off at any time, and so not mess up with your review of the stats during the set-up.

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