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send automatic share reminders to those with few entries/points

This could be a very powerful feature, particularly for contests/sweepstakes.

Having the ability to send automatic share reminders to those who have very few entries/points. 

For example, I'd love to be able to send out a quick message such as: "The contest you entered is ending in 3 days. And right now you only have 1 entry. Remember all you have to do is share your unique url and you'll gain 5 new entries each time one of your friends enters the contest". 

I could probably set something like that up via my autoresponder but it would take a lot more work. Would be nice to have it sent out automatically via UpViral.



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I've talked with Wilco about this and he's afraid that if people had access to something like this, it might turn upViral into someone's autoresponder and they'd send out a bunch of emails.

Maybe if there were a limit of maybe 1 or 2 automatic emails that would satisfy the need and still not turn it into an autoresponder.

The key difference for me is that my autoresponder doesn't have access to the campaign entrant's POINTS so the emails wouldn't be able to say "Congrats you have nnnn points" if it comes from my autoresponder, nor would there be a trigger like '2 days after entering'

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Thanks, I appreciate yours and Wilco's input. Yes, I agree that a limit on the number of reminders would be good. One or two would be more than sufficient. Maybe a reminder that tells them how many days are left and how many points they've accumulated so far. I remember on his webinar that Wilco mentioned that sending reminders increased his leads 2.5x (or something like that). That's why I think something like this could be so powerful.

And I agree that doing it via an autoresponder would take some work since it would need to be done automatically. 

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