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upViral jump to same page when switching campaigns

i would love to see upViral jump to same page when switching campaigns.

For example, you're on the STATS > email stats for campaign A  and you want to compare that to the same stats on campaign B -- to get to that it takes 3 or 4 page views and clicks.

If the menu to switch campaigns were to have the CURRENT page embedded then when you switch campaigns, you'd go to the exact same place in the other campaign.

This would be true for all pages within upViral - right now when you switch campaigns, you go to the default SETTINGS > Lead Pages no matter where you were in the first campaign and I'll bet 99% of the time that's not the place you really wanted to be when you switched, but most likely you want to be in the same place you currently are.

Please see this video for the content of the enhancement request:

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