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Add a proper "Thank You Page" for the Double Opt-In Process.

We have a campaign set up called: Academy Pro 1 Year Free

Our campaign URL is:

Our Share Page URL is:

We have double opt-in enabled.

So people opt-in and go to the Share Page, and they then have to double opt-in via email to properly engage their sharing features, which then takes them back to the Share Page again. This makes total sense.

My thought is that it would make more sense (in the double opt-in scenario), for someone to opt-in, then go to a Thank You Page, which directs them to their email to confirm their opt-in, then once they've done this, they'd go to the Share Page. 

So, Opt-in Page > Thank You Page > Email Confirm > Share Page

* In this scenario, it's cleaner (at least in my thinking) and we could use a setup like the one below with FB ads too, which would be nice (as we'd have a unique Thank You Page, which would only be triggered once, per registration):

I could be totally missing something here, I'm new to UpViral and just trying to figure it all out - any help and guidance is most welcome, thank you!

All my best,


Hey Dale, adding in the middle 'thank you' page just overly complicates things in my book and gives many more chances for someone to bail out of the process and never see the sharing options.

Hey Mitch, 

Thanks very much for your reply :-)

As it may help clarify some, please keep in mind I'm only talking about using the Thank You Page for the "double opt-in" process.

And, it wouldn't be an UpViral page, in UpViral's system, we'd only need the ability to embed whatever code is necessary in one of our own website's pages (to use it as a Thank You Page), so it worked seamlessly with UpViral. 

The reason being is we could then use this Thank You Page (on our own site, with our FB pixel on it), to set up Custom Audiences and Custom Conversions in Facebook - as it's a page that registrants would only hit once, and has our FB pixel on it, we can use it very effectively with FB advertising and for sequential evergreen FB adverts too. 

Really, it's a solid idea, and shouldn't interfere with anyone's current setup in UpViral, as it's only an "option" that would be available to select, when setting up your campaign in UpViral. And for FB ads users, who love UpViral, they'll have a heck of a lot more opportunities available for financial gain - after all, UpViral's awesome, so why not make it better wherever you can?

What do you think Mitch, does this sound good to you?

Thanks again and all my best,


Hey Mitch, 

As a follow-on from my earlier reply, what about just incorporating a unique Thank You Page option right after the single opt-in (it'll work for our requirements with FB ads / audiences) and we can put a big 'ole button on it that says, "Take Me to the SHARE PAGE!!" or whatever - and this way, adding a Thank You Page wouldn't overly complicate things, and would only have the most minimal impact of people potentially bailing out of the process, literally almost every single person would still hit the share page this way. 


All my best,


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