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ClickFunnels - Being Able to Pass On Rewards Status to CF/Actionetics

Hello, currently there does not appear to be a way for UV to inform CF/Actionetics (CF/A) that a reward has been unlocked if the reward is a email series. If I understand how UV works with CF/A correctly, then I would like for UV to provide the following solution & mini-training in UV:

Assumptions - UV passes information to CF/A by putting contacts on the list associated with a specific URL. 

Step 1: CF - Create a dummy opt-in page (this will only show up inside the funnel for tracking purposes only - it won't be a funnel step visitors will actually see), and assign an email list to it through the Automation Tab. This will be the "UV Rewards Unlocked" list (or whatever you want to call it).

Step 2: UV - Under the Rewards Section, instruct CF/A users who select "Other" that they will need to set up the rewards autoresponder in the Email AutoResponder section.

Step 3: UV - Under Email Autoresponder, duplicate what you have already created for the opt-in process, except this time make it for rewards unlocked email notification. There a UV user would select CF/A as the integration, and "UV Rewards Unlocked" as the Autoresponder. This process would need to be done for every email reward level a person has. For example if my reward is "Get 30 points and get my email course, but get 60 points and you get a free video course", then I would need to repeat this rewards notification 2 times. 

Step 4: UV - Send all contacts to that list that unlock a reward in UV to the appropriate CF/A email list. Actionetics can handle the delivery of the rewards from there...

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