Besides using our domain, you could also use your own domain name instead - so it has a more personal look and feel targeted at your company.

Here's how to set that up.

Step 1 - Decide on your subdomain

First of all, decide which domain you want to use. Please note that this has to be a subdomain.

For example, you can use:

However, you can't use:

( Adding a Subdomain is recommended but you can always use a top level domain too)

Step 2 - Do a CNAME redirect

This is something you'll need to do from your webhost. If you're  not sure how to do that, please ask your web host to set this up.

Inside the DNS records, you'll need to add a "CNAME" from your subdomain, pointed towards

This is different for each web host. Here are some guides for various well known web-hosts:

Here you'll find clear instructions on how to set this up for various hosts:

To verify that the CName records point to successfully, you can use a tool like CNAME Lookup . This tool will tell you that is your added domain pointing to or something else.

Step 3 - Add the subdomain to UpViral

Once you've added the CNAME, you can add the subdomain to UpViral as well. 

First, go to Settings -> Custom Domain.

Next, click here: 

Finally enter your subdomain then choose which campaign you'd like to use that subdomain you entered and press 'Add':

Step 4 - You can now select them inside your campaign

You'll find the option at the "Advanced Settings" page. You can now easily decide which domain you want to use for the lead pages & invite links.