With UpViral you can automatically send out emails to participants for multiple conditions/scenarios.

To setup Email Notifications on your UpViral campaign, login to your UpViral Dashboard, select your campaign from “My Campaigns”

When inside your campaign click “Settings” from the menu.

Now from the settings menu on the left, select “ Email Notifications”

When inside the menu, UpViral enables in configuring 3 different type of notification emails.

A - Send Email After Registration

This email will be sent as soon as someone signs up for the contest or giveaway.

B - Send email once someone signs up through their referral link

This email can be sent whenever a person signs up through a participants shares referral link. You can also limit the number of emails that will be sent.

C - Send Email when Reward is Unlocked

This is for giveaway campaigns that usually have a series of rewards, which are unlocked for achieving defined points.