With UpViral you can configure double optin emails for your email campaigns. Double optin or confirmation emails are recommended if you believe there is a high chance of people gaming the system with fake or unsolicited email signups.

In case you prefer video instructions, watch the video below:

In case you prefer text-based instructions, see below.

To setup Double Email Notifications on your UpViral campaign, login to your UpViral Dashboard, select your campaign from your Dashboard

When inside your campaign click “Setup” from the menu.

Now from the settings menu on the left, select “ Email Notifications”

When inside the menu, you will see “Confirmation Email” option at the bottom. By default it is deactivated. Click on the small box beside it to activate double opt-in email notifications.

When you activate double opt-in, UpViral also provides you the ability to create an email message that will be sent out to recipients.

By default, UpViral adds in a confirmation message along with a confirmation link in the email message. You can customize the Email Subject and Message as per your liking.

Also, you can add custom variables in the email message too ( Link to custom variables article)

Other than the confirmation email message, UpViral also enables you to display a confirmation bar that includes a notification message for the participant to confirm their entry from the email being sent.

You can customize the content and color preferences of the confirmation bar and can also preview it right there.

How to get your support tickets resolved faster

Statistics have shown us that the more you tell us when you report an issue, the faster we solve that ticket. So...

1 - If you have screengrabs, please include them. A picture is worth a thousand words.

2 - If you have recorded a video showing the issue you're having, please include that as well. A video is worth a million words.
We recommend a free service called Loom for creating these videos. (this is a link to https://www.useloom.com/)

3 - To speed up ticket resolution, follow these useful tips How to Write the Perfect Support Ticket (That Gets Results Fast)