When people sign up to your UpViral campaigns, you can automatically send out various email notifications such as a welcome email. These emails will be sent from our email server automatically, which means there's no need for you to make any changes.

However, in case you'd like these emails to go out from your own Amazon SES account, you can. That's what this guide is about.

Please note that sending emails from your own Amazon SES account is for advanced users only.

To send an email via Amazon SES Server, you will need to authorize UpViral to use it.

In the UpViral Email Server settings for Amazon SES, you will need to add the;

AWS Account Name - This is the Account Name AWS assigns when you signup for Amazon SES or AWS Services. For more information, see Signing up for AWS.

Host - This is known as the SMTP Interface Hostname (or Endpoint) on AWS. Depending on your region, add the hostname.

Port - This is the SMTP interface port number. To find your port number, go to SMTP Settings in your Amazon SES account and you will find the Port number there.

User / Pass - This is your SMTP username and password. You can use the same set of SMTP credentials in all AWS regions.