In this article, you will learn how to set up your own Sweepstakes or Contest campaign.

Step 1: On the Incentives tab item go to Grandprize and click the Add Grandprize Button

Step 2: Select how you want to chose the winner, either manually, post points or random.

For 'Manually' option this is when you want to pick the winners manually, a tab will show up on your Campaign that says Pick Winner. And an option to choose the date to when you want the campaign to be closed. (Note: that this is not required you can opt not to set this up.)

For 'Automatically' option this is when you want the system to pick the winners for you.You need to select the number of winners you want to have for your Sweepstakes campaign. Then select how you'd like the system to pick your winners, whether its Most Points or At Random. Most Points will be based on those participants with the highest points earn from the Sweepstakes campaign you set up. 

While At Random, winners will be picked randomly but still those participants with most points gets higher chances of getting picked by the system. After which, you can now set up the date when you want your winners to be selected by the system. Finally, you have the option to Close your campaign after winners have been selected.

Step 3: Decide how many winners you want to have for your grandprize.

Step 4. Decide on when you want the camapign to end.

Step 5: Name the grand prize. and save.


You can disable the grandprize option by usint the switch.

How to get your support tickets resolved faster

Statistics have shown us that the more you tell us when you report an issue, the faster we solve that ticket. So...

1 - If you have screengrabs, please include them. A picture is worth a thousand words.

2 - If you have recorded a video showing the issue you're having, please include that as well. A video is worth a million words.
We recommend a free service called Loom for creating these videos. (this is a link to

3 - To speed up ticket resolution, follow these useful tips How to Write the Perfect Support Ticket (That Gets Results Fast)