If you want to reset the statistics of your Reports page, simply follow the steps below:

  • Inside your campaign and click on the Reports tab

  • The "Reset Statistics" button is located at the top right-hand corner.

Note: This will only reset all the data inside your Reports page and will not delete your leads nor change any settings on your campaign. 

How to get your support tickets resolved faster

Statistics have shown us that the more you tell us when you report an issue, the faster we solve that ticket. So...

1 - If you have screengrabs, please include them. A picture is worth a thousand words.

2 - If you have recorded a video showing the issue you're having, please include that as well. A video is worth a million words.

We recommend a free service called Loom for creating these videos. (this is a link to useloom.com)

3 - To speed up ticket resolution, follow these useful tips How to Write the Perfect Support Ticket (That Gets Results Fast)