In this article, we will discuss how you can integrate your Klaviyo autoresponder to your Upviral account. 

First you need to know what are the required information you need to get from your Klaviyo through your Upviral account. 

Login to your Upviral account. 

On your Dashboard, click Settings 

You will be brought to the General Settings by default click on the Integrations

Click the 'Add new autoresponder' button: 

Then you can now add your Autoresponder, first add the name here: 

Select under Autoresponder 'klaviyo' then get the Public and Private keys from your Klaviyo:

Now, login to your Klaviyo account. On the Dashboard, go to your Company name or Profile name, there's a drop down arrow click on that: 

Then a dropdown will come out, choose 'Account': 

You will be brought to your Account information, go to Settings and a dropdown menu will show. Select API Keys from the options: 

You will then be brought to API Keys section of your Klaviyo account, copy the Public API Key, then click the 'Create Private API Key' for the Private API key:

Once created you can add a label then click on the eye icon to get the Private API key: 

Then once it is shown highlight and copy it: 

Paste it now inside your Upviral Autoresponder integrations then click Add to save the integration: 

Now that's added: 

You can now integrate it to your campaigns. Here's an example: