With UpViral you can also send out emails using other Email Servers. UpViral currently supports sending emails via PostMark and SendGrid Servers.

To setup Email Servers on your UpViral account, login to your UpViral Dashboard and click on “ Settings” and select “ General Settings” from the menu.

Now once inside you will see an option for “Outgoing Email” . By default is set to UpViral.

When you click on the drop down menu and select either “ PostMark” or “ SendGrid” from the list, you will be required to provide the API Key for them.

To get the PostMark API Key, follow this link - http://developer.postmarkapp.com/developer-api-overview.html

To get the SendGrid API Key, please follow this link - https://app.sendgrid.com/settings/api_keys

Copy and Save the API Key from PostMark / SendGrid to configure it as the email server.

Note - Make sure that you select PostMark / SendGrid as the default email server here or all emails will be sent via UpViral server by default.