When you first open the reporting Dashboard, you will see a quick overview of all the essential data for your campaign.

The top bar:

Here you will find your visitor and lead basics

  • Total direct visits
  • Total leads created from direct visits
  • The conversion rate (direct visits to direct leads)
    • You will also see an increase or decrease in numbers from the previous period. eg: if you are looking at stats from the last 7 days, the increase/decrease will be based on the 7days previous to your range.
  • Total referred visits
  • Total leads created from referred visits
  • The conversion rate (referred visits to referred leads)
    • previous period functions the same.
  • Total  visits
  • Total leads 
  • The conversion rate (all visits to all leads)
    • previous period functions the same.


A virality score to indicate how viral your campaign is! 

The main area:

Here you will find other stats for a quick overview of your campaign 

  • In the top left, you will see total leads, direct and referred, shown day by day for the last 15 days.
  • In the top right, you will see the top 3 sources of traffic to your campaign, this may be Custom Links or other sources we have identified. You will see leads created from the source. This is ranked by traffic only.
  • In the bottom left, you will see how many users have interacted with your social and custom actions, it will only show you the top 5 services for each.
  • In the bottom right, you will see how many email notifications have been sent, and the percentage of opened and unopened notifications. 



Here you will find The traffic information from your campaign, it's broken down into Direct, Referred, and Conversion data. 

Each source will show as its own line, and you will see the Total visits from that source, as well as leads from that source as well.

No Tracking ID Users means the participants directly signed up or visited the campaign without coming from other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

If you mouse over the line, you will see the modal pop up and in there it will tell you how each source contributes to the total traffic of your campaign and the leads each source is generating in relation to the total campaign success.

NOTE: UTM results will not be tracked by Upviral and no UTM data will be shown on the campaign's Reports page.


In this section, you will see an overview of how well your actions are performing in the campaign, as you can see above, 28.28% of all leads captured interacted with the social shares, and Facebook and Messenger were the better performing services here.

While not displayed, you could create some custom actions, such as following our Facebook page to get more points as that fits with the trend of the campaign.

Actions are the events that your users create within your campaign, it's made up of two unique action sets, the first being shares. This is sharing your campaign on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so on, and the second is Custom actions.

Custom actions are actions that you create that engage your audience in your campaign further. Please review our guides on custom actions to know more.


In this panel, you can see a day-by-day track of your visitors and leads, either by direct or referral traffic sources. We also show the conversion rate for that day as well.

You can drill in using the +icon to the top right of the graph.


In this panel, you can see the number of notifications that your campaign has sent out, and in the email section, you can see the open rate for each email sent, as well as the overall open rate for the campaign.

In this campaign above, you can see that 47% of emails sent, were unopened, this indicates that you should try split testing the email subject line to drive your engagement for the campaign.

Lead Health:

In this final screen, you will see the Lead health section, this was previously the "fraud leads" section, however over the coming months we will be releasing some features that will give much deeper insight into leads, and lead quality with various validation options for each lead. 

Healthy leads are leads that are real and genuine leads opting into your campaign, unhealthy leads, are potentially fraudulent entries. The reason they are marked as unhealthy is that they are coming from the same IP address or one single user is generating too many referrals for their account in a period of time. 

In the coming months, we will include more validation options, such as admin emails, domain not valid, and much more. 

How to get your support tickets resolved faster

Statistics have shown us that the more you tell us when you report an issue, the faster we solve that ticket. So...

1 - If you have screengrabs, please include them. A picture is worth a thousand words.

2 - If you have recorded a video showing the issue you're having, please include that as well. A video is worth a million words.
We recommend a free service called Loom for creating these videos. (this is a link to https://www.useloom.com/)

3 - To speed up ticket resolution, follow these useful tips How to Write the Perfect Support Ticket (That Gets Results Fast)