When you're done setting up your campaign and you're ready to launch, the next step would be to share it on different social media platforms to promote. Share your campaign with more people and attract more subscribers by getting the word out!

To promote your campaign, kindly follow the steps below:

Copy your campaign link either under the title of your campaign or from the "Publish" tab when you click "copy link". 

From here, you can use that link and paste it on your own site, on social media pages and groups, as an advertisement or any other place where you wish to promote your campaign on. Check out our article on ways to promote your campaign here: https://www.upviral.com/blog/promote-a-giveaway

You can also promote your campaign using a One-Click sign-up link to your existing email subscribers (if you have one) using an Autoresponder

Click here to know more about One-Click sign-up Link

How to get your support tickets resolved faster

Statistics have shown us that the more you tell us when you report an issue, the faster we solve that ticket. So...

1 - If you have screengrabs, please include them. A picture is worth a thousand words.

2 - If you have recorded a video showing the issue you're having, please include that as well. A video is worth a million words.

We recommend a free service called Loom for creating these videos. (this is a link to useloom.com)

3 - To speed up ticket resolution, follow these useful tips How to Write the Perfect Support Ticket (That Gets Results Fast)